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The Actors’ NET of Bucks County is a not-for-profit, volunteer driven organization. Our trustees, council, actors, designers, technicians, and others all contribute their time and energy to help produce valuable and exceptional theatre for the region.

The Actors’ NET depends on community volunteers to help run each and every production. Volunteers can be involved in any facet of production, including acting, building sets, operating lights, designing posters, finding props, making costumes, selling concessions and ushering. The NET offers a great environment to meet artistic people, practice your craft, and help create some of the most exceptional regional theatre in Pennsylvania/New Jersey area!

Please stop by the Actors’ NET or E-mail, if you want to get involved. We are always looking for volunteers to help us with such jobs as ticket sales, ushering, front of house, and set painting...just to mention a few! We have a great time and would love to have you join our family! If you aren't interested in working behind the scenes, you can always come audition!

Our Volunteer Requirements

  • Complete our Mailing List sign up form, including the Volunteer section. We will call you to set up a meeting date, and explore your areas of interest.
  • Be at least 16 years of age when you start working with us, and have reliable transportation.
  • Have a sense of humor and get along with people with different backgrounds.
  • Be willing to learn a new theater skill, or a desire to teach your skills to others.
  • The Actors’ NET has no minimum hour requirements to be a volunteer. Work as often as you like, and have some fun helping to create outstanding regional theater.

How much time must I commit?

You pick the activities you want to do, based on how much time you have. For example:

  • As an usher, 1 night of your time.
  • A crew member will probably need to commit to 2-6 nights of time. One of these will be during a rehearsal where you can get taught how to perform your duties, and the remainder will be the nights of the performances you will be working on.
  • As someone who's helping during a construction session, or a strike (where the set is pulled down at the end of the show), just that time (eg 4 hours)
  • As a crew chief, you'll attend many of the shows, all of the rehearsals in the week before opening night plus other time away from the theatre organizing your crews.
  • As Assistant to the Director, you'll attend many if not all of the rehearsals. Rehearsals typically go for 4-6 weeks, 4-7 evenings a week, depending on the show and the Director.
  • As Stage Manager, you'll attend every rehearsal and every show. You typically are the first to arrive, and the last to leave. The Stage Manager has to commit the most amount of time of all volunteer positions.

How to Volunteer!

Call us at:215-295-3694
Email us
Facebook Message us at:ActorsNET

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Reasons to Volunteer!

  • Learn a new skill - For example, scene decorating, stage carpentry, preparing impossible-to-obtain props, sewing spectacular costumes, professional stage management, theater administration leadership, and volunteer organization. We also have many opportunities where no prior skill is required. We will teach you.
  • Dabble in a career in theater - Perhaps you'd like to find out first-hand what theater is all about...without the expense of moving to NYC.
  • Have a real sense of accomplishment - There's nothing better than to experience the thrill of hearing an excited audience that is truly enjoying a show that you helped in some personal way in making it a success.
  • Make new friends - There are plenty of friendly people of all ages who will always greet you with a smile, are happy to see you, and grateful for your enthusiasm to help them out.
  • Community Service - Perhaps you just want to "give back" to the community you've grown up in, or get to know neighbors in the one you just moved to.
  • Extra Credit - Your school may give you extra credit for volunteering at a theater.