SEASON 24:   2018-2019

Over the years the Co-Founders, Cheryl & Joe Doyle, have singled out a few company members to honor as our Most Valuable Performers (MVPs). They come from the ranks of onstage and backstage talent: actors, singers, dancers, technicians, costumers and set builders who go above and beyond to help us achieve excellence. This season, three remarkable individuals warrant this special recognition:

Renée Root had no idea what was in store for her when she walked through our doors. "I was wondering if there was something I can do to help out?" she innocently asked. Was there ever!

Stage managing is perhaps the most demanding task in theatre. In rehearsals, they take blocking notes, shout out "lines" when actors skip or forget dialogue and keep track of what props and special set needs might be required. Once the direction is done, the show belongs to the stage manager-whose task is to ensure all runs smoothly. They control it from the wings-speeding onstage and off for set changes and coordinating with actors and the front office.

Renée learned quickly, from this season's opening show, Is He Dead?, to this final production of The Winter's Tale. Her boundless enthusiasm and devotion to ActorsNET made her a natural choice for MVP.

Chris Root quickly followed, walking in days later and volunteering. Again, "How can I help?" Silly question. Possessing knowledge in all things electrical (or so it seems), Chris stepped right in to designing and running sound-and was soon elevated to the role of Technical Director . He excels in finding the right sound effects for shows-background music and sound effects, from big booms to little babies crying and gurgling. His eye for detail, keen ear for the perfect sound, and gung ho spirit to tackle all our technical needs made Chris' selection as an MVP a "sound decision."

George Agalias joined our troupe for Season 19's My Favorite Year and quickly became one of our favorite actors. This season he turned in three memorable portrayals. As Papa Leroux in Is He Dead?, he hilariously pursued the "twin sister" of a "deceased artist" who was actually the artist himself in women's clothes. A hoot and a half! Next he was the lawyer in The Crimes of Diana Eastlake, advising a distraught socialite on how to deal with ransom demands from terrorists who had kidnapped her daughter. And finally, in our previous show, Ionesco's absurdist Exit the King, George frolicked as a madcap royal court physician/scientist/executioner! He is a joy to work with - and fearless in his approach to roles.

Renée Root, Chris Root & George Agalias, we thank you for your countless hours on service - onstage and behind the scenes. Without people like you, there is no ActorsNET.