SEASON 20:   2015-2016

Over the years, ActorsNET has been blessed with selfless volunteers who work tirelessly. When shows end and performers take their bows, these vital people go mostly unheralded.

This year, we honor and recognize two such stalwarts - Ruth Schanbacher and Isaiah Davis.

Some years back Ruth Schanbacher brought her talented daughter, Olivia, to us as a Summer Star. Olivia exceled in the course and joined us in the cast of our 2012 revival of The Man Who Bought a Country. Ruth enthusiastically jumped in as a seamstress to assist in that show's massive costuming challenge.

Ruth has an enormous heart and saw the need for costuming assistance. From that show on, she made herself available whenever called. She took on more and more challenges. Before we (and she) knew it, she was integral to our operation - sorting and organizing our costumes.

She devoted countless hours to maintaining these items. Her skill at altering to transform one costume into another is miraculous. She does it because she has grown to love ActorsNET - and we have grown to love Ruth Schanbacher!

Isaiah Davis came to us as a 10-year-old to study as a Summer Star, along with his 7-year-old brother, Thomas Elijah. While both lads soon became enamored of theatre, appearing together in the ensemble of 2008's Big River, Isaiah took up our theatre as a second residence - not only exceling onstage but also eagerly assisting in shows in any way he could.

To peruse old show programs, you'll see Isaiah's name pop up frequently - in cast listings and among the list of tech workers, handling lights and/or sound. He grew up in Summer Stars and eventually became one of our dependable interns.

Isaiah recently turned 20-years-old. He juggles his responsibilities at work in "the real world," while continuing to help us in any way - unobtrusively, quietly and always dependably.

As ActorsNET ends Season 20 and looks forward to the future, we know incredible people such as Ruth and Isaiah have enormously contributed to our reputation for presenting quality theatre. We honor them. We love them!

Ruth Schanbacher
Isaiah Davis