The ActorsNET of Bucks County strives to attract Delaware Valley’s best theatrical talent to work and grow together and meet the challenges of a diverse repertoire. Productions range from classics to new works that appeal and expand theatrical tastes of all ages, incomes, and cultural backgrounds. Through staging quality shows and providing training and support to actors of all ages, we are committed to keeping the best traditions of American theatre alive. We welcome our audience as neighbors and invite them into the world of live theater.

Joe & Cheryl Doyle in 1996

Founders Joe and Cheryl Doyle in 1996

History & Founding Artists

ActorsNET would not exist without the talent, creativity and leadership of Joe and Cheryl Doyle. These two accomplished actors brought their extensive professional experience to create a theater community where actors could determine the theatre’s artistic choices, hone and expand their craft and provide audiences the wonder and power of live theatre.

ActorsNET has produced 25+ seasons of theatre, and over 200 shows spanning a diverse range of genres – from Broadway musicals to classic American comedies to new dramas to Shakespeare and Ibsen.

board of directors

George Hartpence

Board President

Ellen Wisnosky
Vice President

Tim Bryan


Karolina Matyka
Secretary and Marketing Director

David Deratzian


D. Ryan Lafferty

Hayley Rubins-Topoleski



Maryalice Rubins-Topoleski


Cat Miller


Theresa Vassallo

Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion Statement

As a theater, we recognize the critical role that diversity serves in helping our theater and community thrive and we accept our responsibility to make a positive impact through our work, our practices, and our policies. We are committed to sustaining a diverse, inclusive, and equitable space where everyone who walks through our doors feels valued and respected. We pledge to continuously work with our board members, artists, staff and audiences, both on stage and in our community, to address any barriers to diversity and to foster and ensure an inclusive, welcoming space for all.

ACT Bucks County

ACT Bucks County Logo

ActorsNET is a proud member of ACT Bucks County. As an association of independent community theaters, our mission is to raise public awareness of the unique arts resources that are integral parts of our Bucks County community.

ACT Bucks County exists to promote quality community theater in Bucks County through collaboration among its member companies. ActorsNET, Langhorne Players, Newtown Arts Company, and Town & Country Players are dedicated to local theatrical productions that showcase our area talent. Join us to see what we have to offer our audiences!